Class Descriptions



For the horse and rider already comfortable in the snaffle bit, along with aged horses needing continued work.  This is the first stage of progressing into the bridle with all basic movements introduced and fine-tuned.  All levels of riders – no matter what discipline – will benefit from everything presented in this class.  Maneuvers stress the vaquero style of horsemanship and are appropriate for horses from first level snaffle to experienced bridle horses.  Hackamore (bosal) horses welcome.

HORSEMANSHIP 1.5  This class has been created by the sponsor for those that have ridden once or numerous times with Buck.  It is the same as H-1, but with that pre-requisite, riders will be more advanced and will be comfortable in all gaits up to and including the lope/canter in a group.  With all riders being familiar with Buck and his fundamentals, more information can be presented at a faster pace.

HORSEMANSHIP 2 (not available in Spanaway this year)

This is the next phase in the development of a versatile bridle horse.  Horsemanship 2 introduces the rider to working a horse in the hackamore (bosal) and beyond.  Horsemanship 1 is a prerequisite for enrolling in this class, unless otherwise approved by Buck.  Since our clinic offers this class with no cattle, maneuvers that simulate working with them are offered.  Some rope work, dragging logs, and more advanced riding is presented so that all aspects in preparing the bridle horse-in-the-making are addressed.